Familiar with ICPS/ICPA?

Queuing up at the registration desk, meeting old friends from previous years, making new friends while you’re waiting, being totally excited and looking forward to a gorgeous week with like-minded people from all over the world, reminiscing about awesome moments in previous conferences, wondering what you’ll experience this year. At the end, you’ll say goodbye at the Farewell Party – with both crying and auspicious eyes – crying because you already miss the amazing people you just met, auspicious because you are already looking forward to meeting them again next year – next International Conference for Physics Students (ICPS).

Everybody who has ever attended an ICPS knows about these feelings, these moments one will never forget. “See you next year” is the common farewell. Until, all of a sudden, you have successfully graduated and your time as a student, as a participant of ICPS has come to an end.

However, your time as a proud alumnus has only just started! ICPA, the International Conference of Physics Alumni offers the opportunity to meet your old friends, both students and fellow alumni. And this year, it will be an even greater adventure. We are heading off to Puebla Mexico!


Even if you are not yet familiar with the experiences just described, if you have a degree in Physics or experience from other IAPS events. If you are looking to meet some amazing people from around the world, and if you would like to not just join, but also add to the fun and the experience. Then saying you are welcome is selling it short. ICPA, just like ICPS, isn’t just about the conference, it isn’t just about a couple of lectures, excursions or even the parties. It’s about the people, the participants. It’s about old and new friendships which are made for life!

And if you’ve read the part above, we know you might feel like you’re walking into a place where you might feel like the odd one out, the new person. Luckily, that feeling won’t last long, it never does. At the end of the week, you too will be sad that it is all over, and you too will be looking forward to next years ICPA. The one in Copenhagen! But first our new grand adventure, The first ICPS & ICPA to be organized outside of europe. Puebla Mexico!

ICPA – the event

This year ICPA will follow all the ICPS activities. This means that we will have the opportunity to participate in the full ICPS experience. However since alumni are no longer students we will be paying a slightly higher entrance fee to support the conference.

We know that going to Mexico is a big trip, and many wish to bring their partners along for the ride! Therefore, this year will feature the opportunity for alumni participants to register an accompanying person that can participate in the event.